Talking Recipe Book Gallery Edition - Free Lite version


Are you tired of losing your recipes?

This is a free recipe software specially designed for the Cooking Enthusiasts. The user can record and modify recipes using this unique software program. It also allows the user to tag photo of the recipe with the recipe methods and instructions.

This software enables you to record your favourite cuisine and culinary creations.

If you are a health enthusiast, the Talking Recipe Books systematically documents all your healthy recipes.

Feel free to download it. It's FREE.



recipe software


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1.5 Mb

Requirement: Windows XP or Vista

The difference between the Free Version and the Full Version is that
the Full Version can store an unlimited number of recipes.


Some User Testimonials of full version:



Previously, cooking for my boyfriend would be such a tiring affair. I wasn’t a talented cook, so I had to constantly refer to recipes from cookbooks/ recipes from the internet. As I had to keep referring to the cookbook, my cooking time would be delayed, resulting in the food being slightly burnt. I came across The Talking Recipe Book while searching for some recipes on the internet. It has made cooking a much more enjoyable affair for me! The food I cook is also tastier as I can put my heart into cooking instead of worrying if I missed out any steps in the recipe.

Wendy, 21,



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